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Unknown People-One Person Photos

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Bob Nolan

We have discovered a 7 X 10 photo of Bob Nolan, one of Wellsville High School's premier athletes, Class of 1936, in the estate of one of his fellow team members. We would like to ...(more)


These two photos from Jim Gelser....need names for faces! "These photos are in connection to the Hooker Family of the Town of Allen and the Town of Granger. Also the Harris Family...(more)


This photo was originally posted with the following information: "This photo was found in a Family Album which includes entries from the Town of Hume, the Town of Granger and the...(more)


WEAVER Family Album: Town of Granger; Help Identify musician & if he played square dances in Short Tract early 1900's? Email: webmaster@alleganyhistory.org Subject line: "Jim Gel...(more)


WEAVER Family Album: Can anyone help identify this lady? Probably related to Town of Granger History. -------- Based on another photo that has surfaced it is believed that this ...(more)


This unidentified photo is new to me. It came from the Gelser/Weaver Collection with no ID. Contact: (email) JIM GELSER (pgelser1@rochester.rr.com)


I am very interested in Allegany County since most of my family came from that area. I am related to the following families: Selover Family (of Birdsall and Belmont) Gregory ...(more)


I’ve no idea who these folks are, but they’ve been in my Evans things forever. Whoever knows who they are wins the picture! "They were in an ancient Wafler/Griswold Album." Gerr...(more)

Wilck Unknown

Dear Historians, enclosed is a photo I recently found in my dad's attic. She is a relative of my late mother, Dorothy White Youngs, who was born and raised in Allegany County. He...(more)

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