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Coats Manufacturing

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Coats Furniture Store 1898

Above copy of Advertisement was from a Fair Brochure, 1898, showing Table and Chairs.

Coats Hardware 2

What to look for? At left (below) is a lockset plate which has "Coats Mfg" embedded in the metal.

Coats Manufacturing Co Wlsv Tag


What does a piece of furniture from Coats Manufacturing Co. look like? Answer: We're not sure until we see proof of other pieces! Here is one piece and one style; Without a c...(more)


Close-up of dresser.

Hiram Coats

Hiram Coats, son of Walter and Ida Davis Coats, of the Coats family who operated the Coats Furniture Company.

IMG 3705 coats dresser

5/23/07 - Another piece has surfaced, thanks to this webiste. Below is pictured a dresser which presently resides in Newton, Mass.

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