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1972 Flood- Dick Neal Images

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All that is left of the Hospital........... Photo by Dick Neal


Attempt to save Pearl Street Bridge..........Photo by Dick Neal


Before the Bridge Collapse at Pearl Street Photo by Dick Neal


Scene beside Brooklyn Street School. Photo by Dick Neal

BetweenStorms BeforeCollapse

Between the two storms, before collapse. Photo by Dick Neal

BigNPlaza NoteGasPriceIn1972

Damage at BigNPlaza; Note the 1972 Gas Price Photo by Dick Neal


Bridge at Pearl Street is weakening and nearing collapse. Photo by Dick Neal


Brimmer Brook Unleashed!! Photo by Dick Neal

Brooklyn Avenue

This is likely to be between the school parking lot and the Macken house on N. Brooklyn Ave. The address would be 20 or 22 N. Brooklyn Ave. Photo by Dick Neal.


Chevrolet Dealership beside Dyke Creek, under water Photo by Dick Neal


From Railroad Tracks behind Chevy Dealership looking toward Main Street Photo by Dick Neal


Lutheran Church Parish Hall clings to the bank in broken form; The Church building itself has a weakened foundation which cracked and proved unsafe. Photo by Dick Neal


With damage to Hospital, Church Parish Hall, and the Church Building unstable, they cling to the bank for life. Photo by Dick Neal


Dyke Creek has become a lake. Viewed from Railroad bridge behind Chevrolet Dealership toward Collins Building Supplies and Agway. Photo by Dick Neal


The aftermath of the flood at Dyke Street residence. Photo by Dick Neal

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