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Allegany County Historical Society was gifted many documents, scrapbooks, photos and postcard collection by Steven Gilbert, grandson of Allan H. Gilbert born to Eddy C. & Helen White GILBERT. Steven commented that all of these documents and photos pertain to Rushford, and the Gilberts who lived there for several generations, ending probably in the 1930's. Unrestricted Ownership was given to ACHS to "keep them or sell them to benefit the Society." Many of the documents and articles are presented on the website www.alleganyhistory.org under the "Town of Rushford Related Articles". We are sharing some of the postcards here and many more are available presently for viewing at the Society Office. Other photo cards not show here include: (2)un-numbered State Road being built; #500 copyright 1908,Old Home Week; #501 copyright 1908 Old Home Week; Crowds of people surrounding the Town Gazebo; #506, 508, 509, 510, 511(oxen), 512, 513, 514, 515(auto,wagon), 517, 518, 522("Watching the ball game"), 523, 524, 531 all are Old Home Week 1908. Plus, 21 Miscl postcards in addition.

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150 Kellogg Rushford

#150 - Caneadea Gorge P. H. Kellogg, Cuba NY Printed on back of postcard, KELLOGG STUDIOS Cuba, Belmont, Fillmore, Rushford P. H. Kellogg, Cuba, N. Y.

26 Kellogg Rushford

Photographer is P H Kellogg Scene is Rushford NY M.E. Church

32 Kellogg Rushford

Unused postcard. Photographer is P. H. Kellogg Rushford NY view Entitled UP MAIN ST.

328 Kellogg Rushford Back

328 Kellogg Rushford Front

#328 P. H. Kellogg - Cuba, NY On back of card: Postmarked Rushford NY Nov 19 1907 Addressed to Allan Gilbert 301 Huestis Street Ithaca, NY "Your card of Oct 1st received. This ...(more)

33 Kellogg Rushford

Scene is a typical Western N.Y. town on a lazy day in Sep. Showing a part of the business portion of the village Main St. Addressed to Allan Gilbert Ithaca NY and postmarked Rushf...(more)

39 Kellogg Rushford

#39 P.H. Kellogg, Photographer Rushford NY "From Kemdoll's"

447 Kellogg Rushford

Kellogg Studio 447 State Road Rushford N. Y.

448 Kellogg Rushford

#448 Kellogg Studios State Road Rushford, N.Y.

449 Kellogg Rushford

State Road Rushford, N. Y. Kellogg Studios, #449

451 Kellogg Rushford

#451 Kellogg Studios "State Road" Rushford, N.Y.

46 Kellogg Rushford

#46 Lower St. Rushford NY Photographer P. H. Kellogg On back of of card is printer: Kellogg Studios Cuba, Fillmore & Rushford P. H. Kellogg, Cuba NY

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