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Fletcher Pierce Farm

Fletcher Pierce Farm near Swains. Taken in July, 1892. Fletcher and Jennie, his wife, standing. William J. Gelser, his hired man, seated on the mowing machine. Submitted by Jim ...(more)

German Settlement Church

German Settlement Church Photo by Jim Gelser

German Settlement Church2

You will find the church on the South East corner of County Road 16 & Eisaman Road. The cemetery is located on the South West corner of County Road 16 & Eisaman. (a stones throw...(more)

Shawmut Horseshoe Curve

Shawmut Horseshoe Curve Photo Submitted by Jim Gelser

Shawmut Horseshoe Curve2

Another view of Horseshoe curve, with cemetery visible. Copy of picture loaned by Jim Gelser

near Swain

"Near Swains" These photos were taken on Swain Road / County Rt 24 just south of Swain, NY. As the road has a sharp bend it was called the Horseshoe Bend, as photo #1 is labeled, ...(more)


Train on the Swains Branch taken from the local quarry. Nunda Historical Society photo. Submitted by Richard Palmer

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