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(transcription) 1941 ~ Faculty Members of Canaseraga Central School Shown above are members of the faculty of Canaseraga Central School. The are (left to right, front) Mis...(more)


Genesee Country Express 9/20/2007


H. Ross Glover Graduates from High School at age 82.

Ira Abbott

Ira Coray Abbott, Civil War Veteran

Lewis Monaghan013


Mill Street at intersection of River Street. Neva Gelser Clancy, aunt of H. Ross Glover and sister of Daphne Gelser Glover, lived there at one time as a widow. H. Ross Glover was b...(more)

Nichols Reunion

Nichols Reunion - at home of Joseph and Nellie Monaghan. I date about 1919 as I believe that the baby in front row is my father, Roy Monaghan. Submitted by Sally Monaghan Alban...(more)

Nichols Reunion2

Nichols Reunion - possibly in Burns - far right second row is Hannah Nichols Monaghan. Could this be home of Carl and Myrtle Monaghan Webb? Submitted by Sally Monaghan Albanes...(more)

school now

"These pictures are of what the house looks like now." Susanne Smith My name is Susanne Smith. My husband, Mike, and I bought the Burns School House in 1994. We have done a lot o...(more)

school now2

We framed it and put it on the front porch. Some of the letters are hard to read, but It says Joint School Dist. No 1 built in 1860." Susanne Smith

school now3

"When we were adding the front porch we found the sign that was above the school house door." Susanne Smith

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