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ACS Cafeteria

ACS CAFETERIA Photo and comments from Bob Dorsey.

ACS gymnasium

ACS GYMNASIUM Photo from Bob Dorsey.

Angelica Academy

ANGELICA ACADEMY: Once a Presbyterian Church this building was the site of the wedding of Narcissa Prentiss to Marcus Whitman. At some point wings were added to both the east a...(more)

Angelica Central

ANGELICA CENTRAL SCHOOL: In 1955, the people of Angelica voted to build a new school and the first classes began in this building in 1956. The last class to graduate from Angel...(more)

Angelica Primary

ANGELICA PRIMARY SCHOOL: Built at the same location to replace the Union Free School. Built in 1889, the architect was Harvey Ellis who was also the architect for the Frank...(more)

Angelica Union

UNION FREE SCHOOL: This Greek Revival School house was located on West Main Street in the empty lot across from the firehall. It burned on February 7th, 1889. Photo and ...(more)

Baker Creek Dist 4

BAKER CREEK RURAL SCHOOL: One of the sixteen schools that was combined to make Angelica Central was Baker Creek District 4 school. It was located in the northern part of Angeli...(more)

Widow Smiths School

WIDOW SMITH'S SCHOOL: Most likely the oldest school in Allegany County, the Widow Smith started teaching in Angelica in 1804. The school was located very near the present d...(more)

Wilson Academy

WILSON ACADEMY: Wilson Academy was founded by Colonel William Wilson and chartered June 12, 1881. The building was used from 1885 to 1897 as a private school. June 28, 1897 it ...(more)

Wilsonian High

WILSONIAN HIGH SCHOOL: In 1906, the Charles Hotel, which had been located on the north side of Park Circle burned. Plans to locate a new high school on that property soon devel...(more)


Wilsonian School Park Circle Angelica, NY 1930 Left to Right Front Row: Bert Crawford, Daniel Remson, Milford Robinson, Frederick Cassel, George Tucker, Bernard Piatt, Howard...(more)


Wilsonian School Park Circle Angelica, NY 1930 Left to Right Front Row: Pauline Ruckle, Aurelia Coots, Gloria Stillwell, Louise Ginco, Dolores Allen, Arlene Mott, Bernice Col...(more)


Wilsonian School Park Circle Angelica, NY 1930 Left to Right Front Row: Jimmie McHenry, Ransom Graham, Robert Feldbauer, Leighton Graham, Frank Ryan, Charles Lytle, Leon Borden...(more)

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