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12 25 1974 truck thru bridge near Gooch

Bridge "cave-in", 12/25/1974. Allen Rd, east of Allentown. Submitted by Cindy Swarthout McCraine

Unknown Wagon

Identity of man is unknown. Labeled 'Alma.' Any information is welcome! Collection of Earl & Gladys Perkins Dickerson

Unknown Well

Identities of the men are unknown. Also unknown is location of well. Found with other Alma photos. Collection of Earl and Gladys Dickerson

Unknown Winter

Date and exact location are unknown. Looks like a cold winter in Allegany County! Collection of Earl and Gladys Perkins Dickerson

Venison Anyone

Venison Anyone? Probably in the 1950s/60s, Shields Farm near Alma Photo submitted by Becky Stephens Langfeld

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