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Pioneer Oil Museum

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Pioneer 01

William G. Shannon Obituary Killed in Nitro Accident 1937

Pioneer 02

Accident Scene Where William G. Shannon died

Pioneer 03

Cuba Gas Station Station operated by Jonnie Allen; Bldg standing(3/27/2001) with additions;Note Bolivar on pumps; Had to operate between 1934 & 1946-Refinery years.

Pioneer 04

Bolivar Central School Date unknown

Pioneer 05

Richburg School c. 1900

Pioneer 06

Triangle #1 Well The start of the Allegany field-O.P.Taylor

Pioneer 07

O.P.Taylor Portrait Father of the Allegany Oil Field

Pioneer 08

D.S.Dempsey A Portrait

Pioneer 09

Funeral Services D.S. Dempsey

Pioneer 10

Obituary D.S. Dempsey

Pioneer 100

PS&N RailRoad - East Notch A picture of early Passenger Cars, rare on the Shawmut

Pioneer 101

Erie RR Viaduct - Belfast

Pioneer 102

Hunt-Cuba Cutoff - Erie RailRoad

Pioneer 103

1909 Richburg

Pioneer 104

Inavale Grange Drill Team

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