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Allegany Highlanders Bagpipe Band

These 5 photos are of Allegany Highlanders Bagpipe and Drum Band which formed about 1968 and based at the home of Pipe Instructor, William “Scotty” McCrea of Alfred NY. He taught most of the pipers. Prior to her death in 2008 by a few years, Ann Riker Wood Stopper mailed these 5 photos to me as she “cleaned out drawers”. I was a friend of Ann along with her husband, Bob Wood and son, Marc. I was the first drum major for the group and am shown in all the pictures, the reason that sent them and I can now share them with the public. Although I cannot remember all the names of individuals that participated in the group during the 4 years that I was involved, I will mention a few that I spot in the photos that I can remember. I would wish that someone who reads this and can list the members that I have overlooked will add the names to the ones I am publishing here. Original dress uniform was the Stuart Tartan kilt which came to the group as a result of a defunct group in the Elmira area. Soon after formation (a year or two) the individuals chose to show their association to their own heritage and decided to choose their own Clan Tartan and most did wear them during later years. During the years I participated with the Band at several communities in Allegany County. We also marched in parades at Dansville, Olean, and the largest gathering at Welland, Ontario, Canada in 1971. The group occasionally still participates in performances and individuals from the group appear as entertainers. Ron Taylor, Drum Major Pipes: William “Scotty” McCrea, Russ Crittenden, Ken McClure, Marc Wood, Mark Cushing, Les McKay, Steve Walker, Kevin McCrea, __________, ____________, Drums: Joe Decker, Rory McCrea and other members of the Decker family, names escaping me. Perhaps the most memorable parade performance was the very first, I believe, at the Andover 4th of July celebration. We were proudly dressed in our woolen kilts and complete garb and just as the parade started the rains came down. We were in the waiting line just long enough to get a thorough soaking of the woolens. My personal kilt went to nearly half mast by the time we completed the parade and I must have weighed a good 25 lbs more than dead weight! I hope you enjoy these rare photos and if anyone else has different ones they would like to submit I will be happy to publish them here. Email: webmaster@alleganyhistory.org

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Allegany Highlanders Alfred Practice 1

Streets of Alfred are more quiet in the summertime.. As we approached Main Street, down hill from Alumni Hall. Ron Taylor, Drum Major; Front row of Pipers: Left, Scotty McCrea;...(more)

Allegany Highlanders Alfred Practice 2

Allegany Highlanders ca.1968 Andover

Allegany Highlanders ca.1970 Andover

Allegany Highlanders ca.1971 Olean

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