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Common Family Photos

The "Common" family was prominent in Angelica before Dr. Robert Common came to Andover and practiced dentistry. He was also followed by Dr. Robert Common II who practiced in Andover for his entire life. We are honored to share these photos thanks to the kindness of the third dentist generation of the family. Photos were used here by permission of the son (John) of Dr. Robert Common II.

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001 Andover Band late 1950's

002 Christmas decoration

003 Dr. John Common and patient

Dr. John Common was the first full time dentist Andover ever had. The first dentist were traveling dentist. Jumping from town to town. After graduating from Philadelphia Dental ...(more)

004 John Robert Common late 1920's

005 Prest Opera House 1898

006 Dancing Bears

007 Charles Lindbergh

008 Out for a ride

009 Common's cottage at Andover Pond

010 Two girls in row boat Andover Pond

011 Ladies in hats

012 At the lake

013 Andover Boys Band 1927

014 Andover Boys Band Hornell 1927

015 Andover Parade 1928

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