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The Cemeteries section of the Photo Gallery is presented in alphabetical grouping by the Name of Town in which the cemetery is located. (i.e., Alma would be in the A-E group; West Almond would be in the U-Z group; etc.)----- Not all cemeteries of the county are presented in photo gallery since we have too few volunteers to cover the physical work of photographing all of the cemeteries completely and we do not have enough volunteer time to publish them on the website. OUR PHOTO GALLERY IS NOT A COMPLETE GALLERY OF ANY GIVEN CEMETERY. Stones may be missing, never been placed, or are not readable...... NOTE: We publish our cemetery name lists on the main website rather than in this Photo Gallery. The address for the website is www.alleganyhistory.org..... If you need further navigational help do not hesitate to email us for assistance. webmaster@alleganyhistory.org --------PLEASE NOTE: PHOTOGRAPHS OF INDIVIDUAL STONES ARE NEEDED. We will welcome .jpg photos emailed or mailed to Allegany County Historical Society - P. O. Box 588 - Wellsville NY 14895. Email: webmaster@alleganyhistory.org