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PSN RR - Shawmut - Present View - 2013

These photos depict the present (2013) view of the PS&N RR right of way between Richburg and Friendship. Thanks to the photographer, Richard Langdon, of the Friendship-Nile Historical Society, we can view where the coal cars used to travel “over the Notch” to Friendship and beyond.

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16 Looking From West to East On Top of The Abutment

17 Car Crossing Under Through the Abutments

18 ROW Is Now An Animal Pen

19 Looking Across the West Notch To The ROW

20 ROW On Side of Hill CLose To Richburg

21 End of Railroad Ave in Angelica

22 Further Down the ROW From Railroad Ave

23 Looking back Toward Railroad Ave

24 Start of Private Property Northwest of Angelica

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