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WW-II Christian Temple Scrapbook

This scrapbook was donated to the Town of Wellsville and resides in the Town Office. Thanks go to Sylvia LaChance for her scans and transcriptions. These pages depict WW II Veterans that were associated families of the Christian Temple Church of Wellsville NY.

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tn 01. Charles M Boyd

tn 02. Lawrence S Button

tn 03. Mark M Boyd

tn 04. Richard H. Boyd

tn 05. Marion K. Bennett

tn 06. Carlton F. Coats

tn 07. Joseph & Kenneth Chalker

tn 09. Alvin M. Burner, MD

tn 10. Hugh D. Freer

tn 11. Edwin F Comstock, MD

tn 12. Mason T Dye

tn 13. Lester H. Dye

tn 14. Willis A. Dahlgren

tn 15. Arthur H. Downer

tn 16. Frederick S Garthwait

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