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1911Depot Erie Wellsville 2004

SHAME ON US!!! Built in 1911, Old Erie Depot sits & rots. What a great site it would make for the Thelma Rogers Genealogical & Historical Society. On the National Registry of Hi...(more)

AlMaHar Motel Wellsville1950

ALHAMAR MOTEL c.1951 From Photo Collection of Donald Adams Formerly located where Steuben Trust Company Bank is located(2004). Named after ALda, HArry and MARion Jacobs. (...(more)

At Fire Start 4 1 1954

April 1, 1954 Early on, at the start of the fire. Photos loaned by long-time friend, Howard Palmer formerly of Allentown and California resident over 30 years.


"City Hall" burns! The Brown & Stout building withstood the fire as did the old Loblaws building. Photo by Howard Palmer

Copy of Hotel Wlsv

Copy of National Alum Works

National Aluminum Works Stood where Memorial Park now stands; Triangle of Stevens/West Pearl & Brooklyn Avenue. Per Martha Howe's 1963 "History of Wellsville", "It burned in ...(more)

Dornow Family Wellsville Ball

The Simon Dornow Family - The first settlers on the Dornow Road in 1857. First Row - left to right - Emmalina Dornow Meyer, Grandma and Grandpa Dornow, (Simon and Wilhelmia) Mary ...(more)

Frt&PassDepot Wlsv6 2004

Height of the Fire 4 1 1954

"Height of the Fire" April 1, 1954 Photo by Howard Palmer Fire 50 years ago paves way for today's "GATEWAY"

KerrTurbine Wellsville1

KERR TURBINE - Wellsville From Photo Collection of Donald Adams copyrightę2004 Don Adams June 1922

KerrTurbine Wellsville2

KERR TURBINE - Wellsville From Photo Collection of Donald Adams copyrightę2004 Don Adams June 1922

MainSt Wellsville DateUnknown

OldWellsvilleHighSchool 11 25 1924

FORMER HIGH SCHOOL - WELLSVILLE c.1924 From Photo Collection of Donald Adams-An Original Post Card. Taken soon after fire Nov 25, 1924 (1:30am). Per Shirley Engle (Thelma Rog...(more)

PinkHouse2 6 26 04

WELLSVILLE'S PINK HOUSE A privately owned dwelling. The ownership has stayed in one family since it was built. Photo by Ron Taylor 6/26/2004

PinkHouse6 26 04

Frontal VIEW OF PINK HOUSE Entrance from W. State Street. Circular Flower Bed with Shrub is where Fountain was originally. Photo by Ron Taylor - 6/26/2004

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