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Nellie Clough Photos

Elwin Geer has loaned us his Grandmother's photos to share. Nellie Geer Clough's photos cover a couple of 1935 shots of the broken Austin Flood walls that flooded the PA valley and cost many lives as well as Wellsville flood scenes of 1945-1947. A few photos are of Wellsville People.

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Austin Dam after Flood, Taken in 1935

Austin Dam after the flood taken in 1935

B&O tracks Wellsville June 1946

Ball Park from Local dug out April 5, 1947

Ball Park from Visiters dug out April 5, 1947

Charles Schen mail carrier (April 1947)

Dick Monkes (Police Officer) April 1947

Eric Roeske (Police Chief) April 1947

High School April 5, 1947

Island Park April 5, 1947

Island Park April 5, 1947 2

Island Park April 5, 1947 3

Island Park January 1945

Island Park June 1946

Island Park June 1946 2

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