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Baldwin Collection Part 2

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3 Owners Dyke & Main Service 0003

Downer's Service Station - E. Dyke & Main

B&S Service & Supply Corp

Jan 30, 1941; New Garage on Main Street; Later became Jerry Hackett Auto Dealership and Collins Building Supplies; Finally, North Main Lumber & demolished to build the Microtel Mot...(more)

B&S Service & Supply Corp2

Dunkin Donuts sits about where the farthest bay is located.

Back view Scoville and Brown Storage Sheds

Railroad view of backend - Scoville & Brown Warehouses.

Baldwin Block Hamiltons Harvey and Carey

Baldwin Block Newer

A more recent view of the Baldwin Block.

Baptist church 2

Another view of Main Street's Baptist church.

Baptist church1

Main Street's Baptist Church.

Benjamin Burdick Welding Shop

Benjamin Burdick Welding Shop

Beside Raubers

Beside Raubers..........(Michaels Men's Shop)

Blacksmith at Work Is this Mr. Ross

Wellsville Blacksmith at work.

Brests Boats & Outboard Motors

Built in early 1950's by Ford & Peckham of Andover,NY. A "Quonset" frame steel building, it was built for Ed and Bubbles Brest as Brests Boats & Outboard Motors sales and service....(more)

Buick Dealership Pearl St

Buick dealership on East Pearl Street.

Chevrolet Dealership 1929

1929 Chevrolet Dealership (Weinhauer's)

Construction Scoville Brown Warehouses

Construction of Scoville & Brown Warehouses.

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