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1972 Flood- Dick Neal Images

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Damage in are of Bolivar Road and the Village Public Works property. Photo by Dick Neal


East Fassett Street from railroad tracks to Main Street becomes "Fassett Lake" Photo by Dick Neal

FillForRiverbank AtPearlSt

The tedious job of filling the riverbank back....near Pearl Street and Hospital. Photo by Dick Neal

Floodwaters Unknownarea

A normally quiet and dry valley becomes lake from hill to hill. Photo by Dick Neal


Former Sinclair Refinery buildings......soaking in water and mud.... Photo by Dick Neal

FormerlyPearlStBridge InRiver

A battle lost!! Pearl Street Bridge lies in the bottom of the river, the casualty of Hurricane Agnes Photo by Dick Neal


A ghostly scene from the Miller Street Area..... Photo by Dick Neal


A gorge is cut across the Golf Course by a normally babbling brook. Photo by Dick Neal


Interior mud of a supermarket. Photo by Dick Neal


Last photograph of Hospital before wing collapsed into the Genesee River. Photo by Dick Neal


View of Church, Hospital and Cemetery damage. The cleanup starts. Photo by Dick Neal


Damage done, the Genesee River plots a new coarse. Photo by Dick Neal

HospitalGone BridgeGoing

Visible beneath the bridge, the hospital is collapsed and the bridge abutment is decayed and ready to Photo by Dick Neal

HospitalReadyToCollapse betweenStorms

Hospital foundation is shown undermined by the river's rushing waters...collapse is a probability. Photo by Dick Neal


Inside school building; damage everywhere. Photo by Dick Neal

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