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Borden Plant

Borden Plant in Whitesville Submitted by Linda Cline Smith Unknown Year


Men with the Old Steam Engine and Stone Crusher

Sam Crandall Gas Well

Sam Crandall Well, mildly spewing gas, 1940 Photo Supplied by Georgana Cochran

Sam Crandall Gas Well 2

The photo below shows the workmen on at the Crandall Farm well trying to shut in the gas well without a lot of success. Karney Cochran is at the far right. The other workmen ar...(more)

Whitesville Cheese Factory

Whitesville Cheese Factory, unknown year. from the collection of Dan Nicholson - Wellsville,NY

Workers at the Apple Dryer in Whitesville, abt 1912

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whitesville depot

WHITESVILLE "NYP RR" STATION A view of the New York & Pennsylvania RR Station at Flood Time, date unknown. This station was torn down following the close of RR. Photo loan...(more)

whitesville stage Harry Taylor

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