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Bishopville Aid

Ron, This is the Bishopville Aid, at S.J.(Squire John ) Bailey's, July 11, 1913 That, of course is Squire John Bailey (seated-son of John Bailey & Amelia Carmen) I THINK the lady...(more)

Bishopville MPSS Picnic

This photo was among old family pictures-had this enlarged also.Some of the same people here I can recognize from the other photo. Maybe someone can help with this also! Bishopvi...(more)

Democratic Leaders in Almond

"A fellow from Farmington sent me some family photos; His grandfather was George Lewis, Almond Supervisor. He says these are Allegany County Democratic Leaders in the early 1930s-...(more)

Reynolds Kellogg

(October 23, 1965 Hornell Evening Tribune; Hornell,NY)

School Photo

School Photo caption

School Photo caption2

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