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Alma Hill

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Alma Hill School 1902

ALMA HILL SCHOOL 1902-NAMES 1st Row: Theresa Quick, Eugene Marsh, Mary Marsh, Caroline (Lina) Quick, Floyd Taylor & George Quick. 2nd Row: Adrian Quick, Eddie Dickerson, Anna D...(more)

Alma Hill School 1912

(Photo from 2002 Report of Norman Ives, Historian, Town of Alma) Alma Hill School about 1912 Seated: Johnny Mesler, Mary Bellamy(teacher), Raymond Mesler, Marie Mesler & Forr...(more)

Alma Hill School 2nd Building

This photo (about 1972) is of the 2nd building which was used as Alma Hill Schoolhouse, District #4. The first building was moved down Ford's Brook Road to near the intersection o...(more)

Alma Hill School Picture Unknown Year

picture scanned from Town of Alma Annual Report, 2002 by Norman Ives, Town Historian. Names at bottom of picture, unidentified order: C. Mason, Lael, Lizzie, Marie, Neu boy, ...(more)

Alma S1

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