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Sloan Family Photos

The photos from "Sloan Family Photos" were contributed by Beverly Sloan Root. Much discussion has been circulated about possible "Corner Stone/Plate" which might have been placed in the corner under Office Window of old 1904 School at Allentown. Two of the Sloan photos clearly show that the area identified as a corner stone spot never had a plate or engraved stone.

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A Young John Sloan, ca.1920 21 in wagon

Fran Root and Spot

A photo shot of Fran Root and "Spot" on the corner across from Allentown School. (Probably not a school day, of course!) This 1953 photo submitted by Bev shows the infamous grill...(more)

John Sloan 1930

This 1930 photo of John Sloan was probably a school picture of him at about age 12. John was born Sep 14, 1918 and died in 2003.

John Sloan Winner of the Contest

Pictured with his entry in the contest, John is quite apparently the winner since he is photographed all alone. Unknown for sure, but, probably ca.1925 or 1926.

John Sloan and Class Birdhouses

Although the other class members are unknown and unnamed, John Sloan proudly sits in his wagon and probably showing off his birdhouse..... or, could it have been a rendition of the...(more)

Junior Sloan

Unknown year, photo of John Sloan. It was marked "Junior Sloan"

Sloan Drilling Rig

Unknown by Bev, but, probably one of the early drilling rigs on the lease that John Sloan operated for many years, actually, decades.

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