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Memories of Allentown-Adams Collection

Memories of Allentown A Picture Album from the Don Adams Collection Note: Don Adams was kind enough to share his family's picture album with us. The historical value is priceless. If you spot a connection that is meaningful let us know. If you can add information or descriptions to anything presented here please email: webmaster@alleganyhistory.org

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10 Adams Abbott etc

AUGUST 1917 Rear- Willis Elmer Adams & wife, Flora Abbott & Clarence Allen Front- Blanche Fitch, Donald R. Adams & Pearl Allen

11 CecileSwarthout and LillianGowdy

CECILE SWARTHOUT & LILLIAN GOWDY Cecile, dau of George & Lena Townsend Swarthout, later Perry

11a OldAllentownHighSchool

"OLD" ALLENTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Section built in 1904

12 Pals

"PALS"-Blanche Fitch & Lillian Gowdy Top Center: Guy Fitch & "kitchen cat" at Camp Dix; Top Right: Lillian Gowdy, later m. Elton Swarthout. Bottom: Donald R. Adams "1923 S...(more)

13 AllentownSceneAbout1905

ALLENTOWN SCENE c. 1905; Large white building was school built in 1884, moved to make room for "Old" brick school. Later moved back beside brick school & used as gym. This pictu...(more)

17 James and Mrs Butts

18 AllentownFaculty1911

ALLENTOWN SCHOOL FACULTY - 1911 Top: Harriett Swarthout; 2nd: Miss Wilson; 3rd: Miss Stafford. Bottom two unidentified.

19 Rebecca Allentown

The Rebeccas Picture taken beside Odd Fellows Hall. Alice Dayton Potter(wife of Ralph), Mrs Brandon & husband operated general store & hardware across from school. The date is 19...(more)

1915Pole Vaulter Allentown

Pole Vaulter - 1915 circa That ground looks hard to land on!! Notice that there are no wells on the hill in background. Drilling there started late 1920's.

1941 Senior Class

Allentown High School - 1941 Senior Class Rear L-R: Unknown, Unknown, Clarence (Bud) Schram, Lyle Alsworth, ?Mr. Brewster. Front L-R: ______Cleveland, June Swarthout, Unknown...(more)

20 1910 4th July Allentown

(20) 4th of July 1910 L-R: Margaret Coleman, Vivian Barnes, Alta Cleveland, Stella McEnroe, Mattie Cleveland, Jesse Storms, Laurence Butts, Francis Glendenning, Laurence Swartho...(more)

21 Allentown Class 1912

(21) Class of 1912-Allentown Teacher, Mrs. Stafford. Dorothy Boyd (dau Charles & May), Blanche Fitch, then 12. Posed in front of school. Donald R. Adams in front of Mrs. Staffor...(more)

22 AllentownYouth

(22) Allentown Youth Wilton Butts, Ralph Hill, Ellis & Elton Swarthout(brothers), Cecile (their sister), Rosita Phillips. Rosita married Mr.Chambers & lived in Wellsville. She w...(more)

23 1910 4thJuly Allentown

(23) 1910 4th of July at Allentown School before 1934 addition. Ron Adams, Curtis Moreland, Jim & Mrs. Jim Walsh, Howard Gowdy, later long-time Supt of Highways for Town of Alma...(more)

24 MrsStafford Teacher Hotel MannHouse

(24) Mrs. Stafford, teacher. Mann Home in background. Large white building was old hotel (Central House).

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