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Sportsman's Raceway - Jerry Seamans Collection

We've received these photos from Jerry Seamans. Jerry writes: "My older brother (Richard Seamans) and nephew (Randy Fay) were both very much into dirt track racing in the mid/late 1960's, building and racing cars at Mills Sportsman's Raceway, Hornell Raceway, and Woodhull Raceway. I have been enjoying the Allegany History website very much, especially the Racing History section. It brings back many fond memories of my childhood as I was 10-15 years old at that time."

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007 Randy Fay 2b

Randy Fay from Potter Brook (Owner/Driver)

007 Randy Fay 4

"Car 007 (Blue) Randy Fay from Potter Brook (Owner/Driver) Hornell Track? Not Sure."--Jerry Seamans

11 Bill Layfield or Shifty Sherwood

Car 11 Dean Layfield or Shifty Sherwood (not sure).

121 Bill Layfield

Car 121 Bill Layfield


Car 15 Unknown

15X Eddie Fay 1 b

Car 15X Eddie Fay (Won Track Championship 196?) (Pic taken at Seaman's Farm where car was built - Westfield, PA)

203 2

Car 203 Unknown

37 Jim (The Feather Duster)

Car 37 Jim ? (The Feather Duster)


"Car 55X Unknown (Flagman is Jim Williams I believe - original owner of Woodhull Track)"--Jerry Seamans.

56B John Schoener

Car 56B John Shoener from Galeton


Car 57 Unknown

7 Sonney Hanes

Car 7 Sonney Hanes

77 Bill Higby

Car 77 Bill Higby

9 1 16 Dean Layfield c

Car 9/16 Dean Layfield

9 Forey Geffers

Car 9 Forey Geffers

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