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Pioneer Oil Museum

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Pioneer 23

1940 Bolivar,NY Main St

Pioneer 24

1946 In Front of McEwan Bldg Main St Bolivar - Building now site of Oil Museum

Pioneer 25

1950 1st National Bank of Bolivar

Pioneer 26

Unknown Baseball Team Need your help on this one

Pioneer 27

Beaty & Jordan

Pioneer 28

1949 Last Bus Trip Blue Bird Bus, Main St Bolivar

Pioneer 29

Bolivar Cafe

Pioneer 30

1947 Bolivar Machine Co.

Pioneer 31

Bolivar Main Street Horsepower!

Pioneer 32

Bolivar Farms turned Oil Farms

Pioneer 33

The School, The Truck, The Horse All part of Bolivar --Allegany Refiners Truck

Pioneer 34

The Telephone Story Part I

Pioneer 35

The Telephone Story Part II

Pioneer 36

Clark House Bolivar,NY

Pioneer 37

Dr. & Mrs. Hackett

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