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Karr-Bean-Makely Families

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Farm Machinery Karr ValleyCopy

This one is from the box of pictures that belonged to Ella Makely Karr, I am not sure whose tractor this is but it is surely interesting for the time and most likely belonged ...(more)

Garland and Mabels Birthday Card to Ella

Garland & Mabel's Birthday Card Submitted by Barbara Quider.


Geo I. Stewart Labeled Geo.L. Stewart ,Mrs Chas Whitney and Wm. A. Stewart July 1910 at Hubbard Woods; This one is in the box from Great Grandmother Ella Makely Karr AKA Mrs Cha...(more)

Grandfather playing football retouchedCopy

Berten B Bean, in the striped shirt , playing football at Alfred or Oberlin ,not sure which. Submitted by Barbara Quider.

Grandmother and her ChumsCopy

All last names that are mentioned in the history of Almond and the Karr Valley 1 F Prior; 2 Helen Ferry, 3 B Young, 4 M Prior, 5 E Karr (my Grandmother), 6 N Hill, 7 M Youn...(more)

Grandmother and the Bean BrothersCopy

My Grandmother Ethel Karr sitting at the far left next to her future in-laws John Bean and Harriet Bean , behind her are the Bean brothers and at the far right standing is her...(more)

Grandmother at school in AlmondCopy

My Grandmother Ethel Karr standing to the left of the teacher, to the left and in front of Ethel is her brother, Garland Karr smiling. They are at a one room school that they atten...(more)

Grandmother at the train stationCopy

After a reunion at the train station in Almond. Ethel Karr is seated on the ground in a white dress at the far left , her father Charles Karr standing at far left near the shrubber...(more)

Grandmothers SuitcaseCopy

Grandparents camping retouched

This may have been in the 1930s when Ethel and Berten Bean went camping with friends Ben and Louise Ostrum. Louise took the picture , my Grandmother Ethel hand colored it . We...(more)

Grandparents in the woodsCopy

Front center are my grandparents Berten B Bean and Ethel Karr Bean Submitted by Barbara Quider.


Great-Great-Great Grandfather Mackley Submitted by Barbara Quider.

Halloween Party 1900sCopy

Halloween Party c.1900 Ethel Karr met Berten B Bean. Ethel is in the back row standing between two fellows, Berten is in the far right standing , only his head is visible from t...(more)

House in the Karr ValleyCopy

House at Karr Valley Submitted by Barbara Quider

Julia RetouchedCopy

This is a picture sent to me by Gail Waite; her husband and I share the same great great grandparents. I met her through a Langworthy website. Julia Ellis was married to Isaia...(more)

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