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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Houghton), Town of Caneadea, Allegany County, NY Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is located in the Town of Caneadea, in the hamlet of Houghton. It is just off Route 19 on a very pleasant spot on the hillside. The founding fathers of Houghton University are resting there. Our Thanks go to Darlene Russell for sharing these select photos of some cemetery stones and views.

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Brown Stebbins Hutton Paine Norton Mt Pleasant Cem Houghton NY 2013

CAMPBELL, Margaret & Alfred Mt. Pleasant Cem in Houghton NY

CRAWFORD, Lena M & John R

CRAWFORD, Sebra C and Della M WOOD

“CRAWFORD, Sabra C & Della Wood - son of John R & Lena M ???”-—Darlene Russell.

DeJAEGER, Joyce E. dau of Allen & Aleda Baker, Mt. Pleasant Cem, Houghton, NY 2013

DeJAEGER, Joyce Elaine Baker Everdyke - “daughter of Allen Marion Baker & Aleda Lois Ayers Baker. She married twice and has three children by Everdyke. Joyce is still alive.”...(more)

FINNEY Charles H & Anne D chair of Fine Arts at Houghton College Mt. Pleasant Cem in Houghton NY

FINNEY, Charles H & Anne D - Dr. Charles H. (July 17, 1911-Jan. 18, 1995) & Anne D. Finney (Jan. 21, 1909-1976?). “Charles served 33 years at Houghton in the Fine Arts division,...(more)

FRICK Lois M & Ralph K Mt. Pleasant Cem Houghton NY Ralph taught at FCS

FRICK, Ralph K & Lois M - “Ralph K. (Jan. 22, 1933-Oct. 4, 1994) and Lois M. (Dec. 1, 1932-) lived in Houghton. Ralph was a teacher at Fillmore Central School.”—Darlene Russ...(more)

GORTON, Doty and Thankful his wife

HARRIS Ransom & Harriet Parker

HEINZ Rev. Daniel A & Geraldine M Dan Pres of Lockport Conference Mt. Pleasant Cem in Houghton NY

HEINZ, Rev. Daniel A & Geraldine M - “Dan was President of Lockport Conference and lived in the house once occupied by the Rev. Everett & Sarabel Elliott”——Darlene Russell.

HESS, Robert & Viola, missionaries to the Philippines

HESS, Robert & Viola - “Robert (1902-1992) and Viola (1903-1991) lived on the V-shaped corner with Centerville Road on the left and ________ (road to the Pool house and Shea’s...(more)

HOUGHTON Allen H. & wife Clarissa B

HOUGHTON Willard J & Harriet Wilson Mt. Pleasant Cem, Houghton NY 2013

Willard J. Houghton (1825-1896) was a Protestant clergyman who founded Houghton College in Houghton, New York. Houghton was born on July 19, 1825 to a family of English ancestry. ...(more)

HOUGHTON family Fred, Bernice, Ephraim and Ida Mt. Pleasant Cem, Houghton NY 2013

HOUGHTON, Willard, Mt. Pleasant Cem, Houghton NY 2013

HOUGHTON, Willard J & Harriet Wilson - “Luther Houghton cleared the forest and built a log house where, more than 60 years later, his grandson would build a college. At dusk the ...(more)

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